Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Travelling Mail Art Kit

Because my ideas follow me everywhere, I have a handy little mail art kit that goes with me too. This way, when the opportunity presents itself I can capture my thoughts and turn them into happy mail to send my pals. You never really know when you will have the time to indulge in a little creativity so having my pouch with me makes it easy.

When you think about it, you really just need some essentials. You can always use things you pick up wherever you are but you need to have a few basics to get you started. What's in my kit? I'm not one of those women who carries a big purse, in fact, I prefer not to carry one at all most of the time, but must needs and I compromise with a smallish bag and so my travelling mail art kit must be compact. Basically, I have something to write with x2 in case one doesn't write, which in my case happens often, so it's better to be safe than sorry. Waterproof pens are a good idea to avoid rainy delivery days from smearing the address on my cards and letters. Also in my bag are scissors, glue, labels, washi and that sort of thing and I find these make a good base for creating on the go. Lately I've added a compact little address booklet to help me remember addresses, or sometimes I pre-print labels with addresses to optimize time. The most important thing I carry is postage. When I'm in town, there is a post office, but when that isn't an option, there is always a postbox to drop your mail into.

I tend to pick up ephemera wherever I am and that adds to my "artiness." Postcards in shops I peruse become bases for my brainstorms and I have been known to write letters on napkins.

I also carry a shiny little monogrammed notebook (a gift from a very dear friend) for jotting down bigger ideas to be explored later. I get inspired by the oddest things---shop window displays, something a passing stranger may say or maybe just a handful of colourful leaves glistening in the rain. Everything sends my mind on a tangent so having a notebook can capture an idea and save it for me.

So, here's a look at my kit, see, it's very small and the spareness encourages spontaneity in my efforts, which I like. (Yes, it all fits in that little pouch!)

And for those of you wondering about the scissors and the address book, the scissors are folded inside the head of the crocodile.  The address book is a clever little thing made of two business card sized magnets with an accordion folded address sheet.

My writing kit has become especially important to me over the last few months since my accident. Oftentimes, when I go into town, I need to stop for a cup of tea and a rest and with my writing supplies in my bag I am never without conversation. Since my fall, my bag has transformed from a small zip pouch to one that is a bit larger to accommodate note cards and a small writing pad as well as my small pouch with all  the accouterments for creating mail art. There is a nice little tea shop in town where I often sit by a window watching the world go by, writing notes to my friends while I have a few moments at my disposal.

Here is a my new larger ensemble:

When the muse strikes you have to be prepared.  It so easy to find a little bag and keep a few things in for when you want to make some mail art.  Don't get caught out without your supplies.