Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Today in history is the 200 anniversary of Jane Austen's death. Although she has been gone for so long, Miss Austen continues to touch the lives of many with her unequaled wit and powers of description. Her characters are still relevant two centuries later and their fictitious lives continue to resonate with the public.

Many people are paying tribute to our Dear Miss Austen.   Around the world a minute of silence was observed at 11 am this morning, exhibits centered around Jane Austen's life and work are open to the public including "Which Jane Austen?" at the Bodleian Library in Oxford as well as the unveiling of the new £10 note at Winchester Cathedral which features Jane Austen.  The latter, a fitting tribute, for Jane Austen was buried at Winchester Cathedral.

Jane's influence has widespread appeal having been the target of many film and literary adaptations. You probably know Bridget Jone's Diary is based on Pride and Prejudice but did you know the film Clueless was based on Emma? Bollywood's Bride and Prejudice enchanted Jane's fans and a sci-fi offering by author Seth Grahame Smith: Pride and Prejudice and Zombies went on to be made into a film starring Lily James of Downton Abbey fame. A few years ago a mini-series entitled "Lost in Austen" aired here in England portraying a modern day Janeite who trades places with Lizzie Bennet which was very amusing. One of my favourite adaptations is Youtube's "The Lizzie Bennet Diaries"  shown in 100 short segments. If you haven't seen it, do go and have a look. It's a current take on P & P done very well; so well in fact that "Emma Approved," based on the novel Emma and "Welcome to Sanditon" which was based on Jane's unfinished novel Sanditon were also made by Pemberley Digital.

Miss Austen's adoring fans pay tribute in many different ways. With such adulation I'm sure our dear Jane will still have a thriving fan base in 200 years to come. As for me, my tribute is a small one compared to many. I made bookmarks for my Janeite friends to mark the day. A small remembrance of one who has charmed so many.


  1. I love the card and bookmark! Thank you!! I'm finishing up a letter to you today. <3

  2. I'm happy you liked it Sonja, I look forward to receiving your letter. I hope H is doing well.

  3. Anna, how interesting! I am not a Janeite but was a fan when I was younger. Am always amazed by how J.A. is practically revered the world round.

    1. Personally, I think Jane Austen is just one of a myriad of incredible authors, so I agree, it is amazing how she has such a world-wide following. I'm not sure I'm your typical Janeite. For me it's not about Darcy, I read Jane Austen's novels because I love the Regency Era. I found J.A. through my research into that time period. I like her style of writing and her wit but I don't for a minute think her books are historical romances. Probably because we are restoring a house of her time, her books lend a little insight into what my house would have been like, and that makes me very interested in her. I do wonder about J.A. and her life and have been reading biographies to learn more about her, but I do that for other history heroes as well as you know from my Queen Elizabeth I letters. Perhaps it's time to give QE I equal billing? :)