Thursday, 1 June 2017

Today, June 1st, is International Pen Pal Day.  I hope you will set aside some time to pen a few letters to mark the day.  If you are stretched for time, write notes or postcards, but do send something. It's a beautiful sunny day here and I've been in the garden writing post cards to my pals, and some to family and friends too. It's so nice to be back writing again. See you in the post!


  1. I do believe the next day is National Donut Day. I wrote on Pen Pal Day but forgot to buy donuts.

    I just got the connection! My June One mail has international postage. :) JC mailed my out-going this morning. There was international albeit it two days late to make the date. Better late than never, yes? :)

  2. National Donut Day, now that has possibilities! I do like a good donut. There are so many fun days, June is actually National Candy Month. That could get some of us in trouble celebrating.

    I managed to write to pals in several countries so my mail was international too. It was indeed a good mail day. Sundays are usually busy days here but I hope to work on my fold-up book and write at least one letter.

  3. Totally missed the 1st although I did start a letter.

    My desk calendar had Donut Day listed on the 2nd. The 7th is Chocolate Ice Cream Day.

    Got a letter in progress but I might first decorate some more envelopes.

    1. My desk diary lists all sorts of strange holidays from around the world. This month is sure to be detrimental to dieters if they indulge! I'll write soon.