Monday, 6 March 2017

Via Brown girl Post

I haven't shared incoming for a while so I thought I would show some of the mail goodness I've received. Limner's distinct style is always a welcome sight in my letter box. Her berds and bugs are favourites but I love the new addition of Brown Girl. To me, she epitomises the fun of getting and sending letters. Inside this lovely envelope was a treasure carefully wrapped in a stunning sheet of embossed tissue/velum and secured with a length of butterscotch satin ribbon. The colours are warm and the book just invites you to take a peek inside. The paper has a gorgeous texture to it and inside there are pockets and pages for me to fill. I adore nature themed stationery and this is among my all-time favourites. I have gone back again and again to admire this beautifully crafted book.

Another book from Limner is this intricately folded little keepsake book. I've been examining it for quite some time now, which is probably why I'm so late in showing it here, but oh, it is lovely. I've tried to make one of these, that is how impressed I was with it but so far my attempts have not been as fluid and eye catching to look at as my little snowflake book from Limner. Little pockets inside hold thoughtful things to discover as you page through and you are compelled to just keep turning the pages to see what the next leaves hold.

 I've always loved books of all kinds but a book made just for me has to be the best of all. These are so personal and pretty and even better, they are from a dear friend and I cherish them. My books are on my desk now, I keep them there so that  I can admire and take inspiration from them. Thank you dear Limner.


  1. Wow! She made it. :) Thanks for letting me know. I'm so pleased that you like the funny long book. It's different because some of us are way different. :)

    The snowflake book made it too. Yes! Two in a row make up for the mail that's been returned. I don't know why but will mail it again next week.

    Be well, happy, and hearty!

  2. Different = Unique. I like to think we are unique. You and I are two peas in a pod. Thank you for always being there.