Thursday, 2 March 2017

Keeping in touch

Things keep blocking my path when I'm on my way to blog, preventing me from posting. So many things to say and never enough time to say them, sigh. I have a list of topics I want to share but must needs, work before pleasure.

That being said, Lettermo has come to an end and I did okay this year. I had a brief period while I was ill that mail did not get written but on the whole, I managed to send out a good deal of post. It's gotten me back in the swing of my daily morning missives and that in turn gets the mind going when I put down my pen and my attention turns back to the daily renovations.

I think while I work: I mentally compose letters, come up with new ideas for crafts and daydream a lot. My mind is always occupied with these thoughts as I toil away. It wanders and things occur to me and as the task I am doing can be monotonous, like sanding or filling in cracks, I drift away mentally and elaborate on those things. Since we live rather rustically while the house gets it's makeover, I often wonder how Jane Austen made time for writing when there were so many more mundane things to do. She and her sister Cassandra had to make their own ink, for example. I don't have to do that, but one of my mind's favourite jaunts is on making different types of ink I've read about. I have made ink from oak gauls or oak apples as some call them. There is also the walnut shell method and even birch bark to be tried. Who knows how many other things are lurking in my garden just begging for a chance to d├ębut on my blog and in my letters? But those are posts for other days, right now they are just errant thoughts while I work.

Today I just wanted to keep in touch, a little postcard if you will, and promise there are posts in the thinking about such subjects. Things I find fascinating and hope you will too, so stay tuned!  

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  1. I hear you. Too often mental notes are lost amid the jumble in my head though. When JC comes to collect trash from my room I have to grab what he deems trash, and save my little scraps, bags with ideas and drawings, and bits of paper covered in scrawl. I write on my desk and drawing table tops as well. The older I grow the more I do.

    The two chalk boards miss out on the fun because I find it difficult to keep up with chalk. I suppose I could tie a piece to the boards with string, but have grown to like the odd, faint, puzzling images and words left over from the first year they were hung.

    Your way of working sounds familiar. Before you know it, things are done. Do you ever stop to jot down an idea? A lovely idea pushed me away from posting the other day because I simply had to draw what flitted past midway. One never knows when they might come again. I'll share it in an e-mail. I look forward to your posts.