Friday, 16 December 2016

Happy Birthday Jane!

For all you Janeites out there, today is Jane Austen Day. On this day 241 years ago, Jane Austen, was born. Jane's unique voice as an author has given both pleasure and inspiration to so many. The number of books, movie adaptations, biographies and etc that have been produced because of the influence of this one person is astounding. She has a fan base to rival any pop/movie star, clubs and societies worldwide, even a day in September when people go to the City of Bath and dress in Georgian style to emulate Jane and her life.

Even though her books are considered classics, people still read them, unlike most other works of literature which people claim to read but really don't! I've read most of Jane's books...two to go, I love that I still have something of Jane to discover so I have been savouring her work. Today I may just begin one of the remaining two to mark the day. Or, I may set aside time to write some crossed letters to friends and fellow Janeites.

Happy Birthday dear Jane!


  1. Jane ought to be read in perpetuity if for no other reason than to apprentice under her as a wordsmith. As you know. I adore Jane Austen. I can not boast of having read her juvenilia, though. I began Lady Susan but found I had such a sharp dislike for the woman that I did not continue.

  2. I agree wholeheartedly Sonja. I haven't read the Juvenilia either, and Lady Susan was next on my list to be read. Lady Susan is said to be modeled on someone of Jane's acquaintance so I'm curious about that but oh, you know how I toiled over Agnes Grey...I wonder how I shall get on with Lady Susan.