Thursday, 28 July 2016

The Heat is on!
Well, right out of the blue, just like that, summer arrived. And just when I never never thought I would see the sun again. That's how it is in England a lot of the time. The garden centres and DIY stores have adverts that go something like this: "Get your house and garden ready for when summer finally arrives!" Up until now, which is typical of our area, we've been having an extended spring with cooler temps and rain almost daily. You get to a point where you just don't expect it anymore. I overheare a conversation at the market one day when a man remarked, "Mary, is that the sun?" To which she replied "Don't be silly, the sun is just an urban legend."
The past few days have been hot like Ella Fitzgerald's Summertime, slow and meandering. I have the day to myself so I thought I would sit in the shade and enjoy the day writing to my friends. Life is good on these kinds of days enjoy the day writing to my friends. Life is good on these kinds of when “the livin' is easy” and I can take my time.
I took my little table down to by the ha-ha and set up under the old rowan tree that's covered in an endless vine of honeysuckley, in a shady spot so I could enjoy the view beyond the paddock that abuts our garden. The sky was blue and the clouds, puffy white fluffs, drifted leisurely by; it was heaven. Several house went by before I even thought about making dinner, but on a day like today, who cares? It was pure bliss, every single minute I sat there.
The cat soaked up the atmosphere as well, keeping me company while I gazed out over the vista before me and sipped my cool water with lemon and composed my missives. It's funny really how the thoughts and ideas you have can take on a whole new shape when you change the location you write in. Normally I sit at my desk in my bedroom which faces the front of the house and I have much the same view, but sitting out here, I almost felt as if I were a part of the scenery and not just looking at it. My writing came easily to me as I sat there and I answered several of my letters and even wrote a few postcards as well.
A day just couldn't get any better than that, or could it? One by one the cows who'd been grazing in the paddock in front of me, came by, curious to see what I was doing. I found this a bit amusing because usually they don't even notice when I stroll up to the ha-ha to look out over the field, so it was a surprise to look up and realize I was being watched by each one of them at some time or another.
How do you spend your lazy summer days?
PS, I apologize for all the spaces, Blogger isn't playing nice today and at first everything came out double spaced and when I got rid of that it put all the space between the paragraphs.


  1. I think your weather is enviable! Here in the land of perpetual sunshine and oppressive heat with our thirsty drought plagued ground we ache for cool rainy days. At least I do! If only we could swap weather for a few weeks. If we could I'd be in huge trouble with the farmers!

  2. Generally I don't mind the weather being cooler, but there are days when I just want to feel the heat of the sun. Swapping for a few days would be lovely, and I think the farmers here wouldn't complain as they'd get to harvest the hay without worries. A lot of the time they work late into the night just to get things done when we do have a fine day.

  3. I'm with Mrs. Duffy. This summer has been miserable with heat alerts running for weeks at a time. I remember a novel by Dave King that I read years ago titled The Ha-Ha. Having never heard the term at the time, I found the practice fascinating and practical with an eye to the view as well as a purpose.

  4. I used to visit a friend who lived in Mississippi which is in your neck of the woods so I know just how hot it is where you are. Our weather has turned cool again with drizzle on and off, but at least we had a little bit of summer.
    For the Georgians, it was all about the view so the ha-ha was a must. We have a fence on the other side of the ha-ha, mainly because the ditch isn't as deep as it should be and also to keep the badgers away from the cows as they carry TB, but normally it shouldn't be there to obstruct the view.

  5. This was the hottest summer on record. I love the sun on my skin but suffered heat sickness several times. It strikes before you know it. The best days were ones cooled by wind from the willow.

  6. We actually had a summer this year with several really hot days, something we haven't had for a long time. I suffer from heat sickness too, I carry a bottle of water when I go to town on hot days. Autumn is here now and things are cooler.