Friday, 29 April 2016

Winding Down

Well, I finally have broadband back after two weeks. Yay! Tomorrow is the last day of the Write on Challenge for Letter Writing Month. At first it started out a bit frantic trying to make sure I wrote something every day. I had quite a few letters to answer and it all felt so daunting. I was hoping this challenge would help me re-establish my flow and get back to enjoying the process of writing a letter to a friend and that is just what it has done for me. Now I sit down and feel calmer and more open to a paper chat without the angst of just getting a letter written. It took me a week to slow down and know that I would have time to write, because I planned for it, rather than just sitting down and trying to dash something off, which kind of defeats the purpose of writing a letter. It should be an enjoyable process, not something you dread because you haven't give yourself time to really have a conversation. I've managed to write at least one missive a day and sometimes two, and on the odd day, three! My desk doesn't look like a disaster area any more; everything has gone neatly back to order as my to-be-written pile got smaller. I still have a few letters to reply to but I'm looking forward to writing them.

Another thing that helped me along the way was the encouragement and input from others doing the challenge too. It's nice to have a community of friends to support you when you are frazzled and trying to get back to good writing habits, so thank you to all of my letter friends for your kind words of encouragement and for those who took the time to comment and/or write, these things helped me to continue on each day. They really made the difference for me staying committed to the challenge. I have come away from this with a deeper appreciation for my letter writing, and that is such a good feeling.


  1. Isn't it a wonderful feeling to be back on track and on top of things rather than playing catch up or even being intimidated by that stack of letters waiting for replies?

  2. It certainly is! I'm glad I took the challenge. It's really helped my writing, and I've met a few new friends in the process.