Monday, 4 April 2016

                   A Walk in the Woods           

We took a little trip to day to walk in the Forest of Dean despite the rain. It's quite a drive to get there but it's worth it when you get to walk amongst the trees. We parked the car and walked across an old iron railway bridge, stopping midway to admire the scenery. It had stopped raining by then and even though it was still overcast it was warmish and a good day for a walk. Once over the bridge we came to a favourite pub called The Boat which is nestled right into the side of a hill and surrounded by numerous little waterfalls. The River Wye runs right in front of the pub and there are tables scattered about to enjoy the view. 

We decided to stop at the pub for lunch before our walk and discovered this lovely little post box in the front wall so I posted the letters I have written for the Write on Challenge. I'm still keeping up with my letter a day, and sometimes I manage two letters or like yesterday three letters. I'm still enthusiastic about the challenge and happily writing on, which I'm pleased about.  I feel a bit more organized now and not so overwhelmed and that is a good thing, really.  I enjoy writing to my letter friends and don't want to end up stressing about it all the time.  Once I get the majority of my letters answered I will feel a lot better.  Right now it's a steady process but I'm making headway. 

After lunch, we set out walking along admiring the many streams and waterfalls cascading down the hill. The further along we got, the quieter the sound of the traffic became and we finally could only hear the gentle steady sounds of the water and the birds who were very vocal today. The transformation is gradual, but noticeable as you progress along the path. Moss softens rocks and trees and there are ferns and bluebells underfoot. Suddenly, there is only you and the trees and it's a very peaceful feeling to have only the sounds and softness of nature enveloping you. We walked along for a while before turning back. The sun had returned and the sky was blue, making the scene in the distant hills pretty, even with winter's brown hues still clinging.   

Sometimes it just nice to get away from all the outside sounds and be quiet for a while. I began thinking about things to write about while I walked. It was a very inspiring day all around.


  1. What a lovely day! Reading this I wished I were there. If only I could smell the wood.

  2. It was indeed a lovely day. The scent of pine was prevalent in the forest as we walked. After the rain it was very fresh and clear and I must say, after many restless nights I slept incredibly well!

  3. I can't decide which I like better: the bright red of the post box or the moss covered stone blocks of the wall!

  4. I took so many photos it was hard to choose. Some of the trees in the forest are ancient, but I didn't think to put something next to them to give them perspective so you can't really tell just how huge they are. I love walking in the forest. There are so many things to discover. We came across the remains of an old dwelling, and the imagination starts to conjure up various occupants who may have lived there once. It's magical there.