Sunday, 10 April 2016

                                     Still Going Strong

Well, it's day 10 of Letter Writing Month and I'm still going strong. I have written a total of 19 letters so far this month and now the to-be-written pile is not so impending! Yesterday I wrote to a cousin and a former co-worker and it was nice to sit and catch up with them. I like to write in the mid morning, I seem inspired at that time of the day and it's when I do most of my writing. It's quiet and the sun isn't so direct. My writing table faces the window and the view is gorgeous and it's just nice sitting there putting pen to paper.

 Here are some photos of the crafts I've been sending out. I was recently in a couple of swaps to make snail mail flip books and I must say I do enjoy the process. What I like about it is each book has it's own style. Once I look at my partner's profile and see what colours and styles they like, that shapes what the book will eventually become. This first flip book is my favourite. Probably because it encompasses all my own favourite colours. I just couldn't stop adding things to it. I had to just wrap it up in the end or I never would have gotten it in the post on time! 

This next book turned out nicely. I was going for a minimalist look with soft colours and this came out just the way I wanted it to. I love the chalkboard tags I made for this. In fact I made some for myself too.

My third flip book was totally different from the first two, this one for a pen pal. I chose earth tones and a nature theme and just love the soft way this one looks. I hope my pen pal likes it too! She will have received it by now so I can show some photos.

How is your Letter Writing Month Going?


  1. Those books are lovely! And made with love too :)
    I'm still going strong in letter month though I still need to write today's letter. It looks like it's time to get off the computer and over to my writing desk.

  2. Thank you Sonja. I'm finding, I look forward to sitting down at my table to write now. The hardest part is deciding who to write to! It's nice to get back to my paper conversations. Before this month I would always say to myself I'll wait until I have more time to sit down and write and now I'm making time to sit down and write and that is what I hoped this challenge would achieve.

  3. They're beautiful. The third book is my favorite. You have a unique eye.

  4. The third one is the first one I made, so I was very nervous about getting it right. I quite like that one too. Sadly the one with the polka dots got lost in the post. That one was a challenge too because I tried to make it in the style my partner liked, which is very different from what I like. It's a shame it was lost but I got to make another flip book to take its place which was fun.