Saturday, 2 April 2016

                          So Far So Good

Well, it's day two of the Write on Challenge and I'm still afloat.  I managed to write two letters yesterday and one today.  Saturdays are always busy around here but I'm glad I made time to sit and write a bit.  I like Lettermo but I think the pressure to mail something every day creates anxiety so this chance to just write and mail when I get to town is much more relaxed for me.  I'm enjoying this process.  I get my tea, sit at my desk and have a nice chat on paper with one of my pen pals, no pressure.  Today the "to-be-replied-to" pile doesn't seem such a daunting task.  


  1. Go Girl! Keep up the good work; especially the ones addressed to Mrs. Duffy! I always love getting letters from you and this one is as beautiful on the outside as I expect it to be on the inside :) I'm feeling happy with how long does it take for a letter to cross the Atlantic and the breadth of the U.S.?

  2. This letter will be on its way when I go into town on Tuesday. Hopefully it will travel quickly to you. There is a little surprise tucked inside for you, which I know you will like.

  3. :) Right now, the "to-be-replied" to pile is a good thing. It means I have letters that will go to friends and family, keeping my 30/30 going. It is the day, when I don't have a letter calling for a reply that I don't want. :)