Saturday, 23 January 2016

National Handwriting Day

It's time to get out your pens and stationery and get writing as today is National Handwriting Day. 

Handwriting has always been a personal thing to me.  I was forced to learn cursive writing over a weekend. We moved house when I finished second grade and on my first day in third grade at my new school I found out my classmates had learned to write cursive the year before.  I was sent home with a packet of templates and a note to my mother explaining that I had to learn cursive to keep up with the class.  It was hard work and I did miserably.  My handwriting was abominable for years, then I got into pen palling and that is when I made an effort to write nicely.  The change in my writing was a gradual thing, I practiced and practiced and there were many moments of frustration but I persevered.  I bought old documents from flea markets and used them as a guide because I love that old fashioned way of writing.  Now I have my own personal style which I like. There is a lot to be said about neat penmanship. 

Today is a cold wet day here so I don't need any more encouragement than that to get started. I have been truant from writing for a while.  The holidays were difficult this year as my dad wasn't with us but I'm getting back into action, I've cleared my desk, another casualty of the holidays, and I've written a few letters today. It feels good to have a pen in my hand again.

If you'd like to primp up your handwriting, have a look here.  The Pen Shop has a short list of  ideas for improving your handwriting.  They also have a wonderful motto:  Talking is for now, writing is forever.  It's so true. 

Happy writing.


  1. Mail in and I love your handwriting, thanks for sharing!

  2. Hi Patricia, thanks for stopping by. I managed to write 2 thank yous, 2 letters and 3 postcards so it was a productive National Handwriting Day for me. I don't often get to spend so much time at my writing table. It felt good to get back to something I enjoy so much. I hope you are doing okay and enjoying your correspondence too.

  3. Yes, you do have lovely handwriting!

  4. Thank you lady Pamela. I am working on an appallingly late reply to your fantastic Jane Austen themed letter. My apologies for the delay!