Friday, 9 October 2015

                           Happy World Post Day!

Since 1969, October 9th has been celebrated as World Post Day. This day was chosen as it coincides with the establishment of the Universal Postal Union or UPU in 1874.  The UPU is an agency of the United Nations and one of the first created. Its job is to help improve the quality of the postal service of the member countries as well as co-ordinating postal policies.

World Post Day is marked by at least 150 countries around the world, with an essay contest for young people, new stamps, commemorative postmarks and philatelic exhibitions among other events. Read more about the holiday

These are a few examples of the stamps issued commemorating World Post Day this year from Malaysia, Thailand and Hong Kong.  Hong Kong also has special postmarks for the day, have a look: 

How are you going to celebrate World Post Day?  I'm writing up a storm today, enjoying a cup of tea and the beautiful Autumn view out my window as I compose my letters.                                                                                                       


  1. Sadly, RM aren't doing anything. I posted two letters today. I shall be, as always, writing letters on most days.

  2. I checked to see if RM were doing anything special but alas no, They did mention the day on their blog, though. I'm in the middle of writing a letter to you, which I'll post on Tuesday when I go into town.

  3. This is the first time I've heard of World Post Day. I wrote three letters last night. Do they count as a postal celebration? Wow. Someone should have hosted a mail social in honor of WPD. Perhaps someone did, and didn't invite us? :(

    Wishing you a post "Happy World Post Day," Anna!

  4. I just found out about this recently as well. I don't know how I never saw any of the stamps issued for World Post Day. I wrote as many letters as my hand would allow and feel like I made a good start on the mountain that is my desk. A social would have been a fun thing for WPD, maybe next year! :)