Monday, 2 March 2015

                               Crossed Letters Part 2

Just after I made the last post about writing a crossed letter, I received the letter from my partner in the Crossed Letter a la Jane Austen swap. Nathan in Thailand sent a fabulous letter, three pages long, written on both sides and crossed on every page.  He used two contrasting colours which made reading easy. For you fountain pen enthusiasts out there he used a dip pen with Noodler's 54th ink and for the opposing lines he used a Lamy 2000 fountain pen with Stipula Saffron ink. I didn't have any trouble at all seeing the script, and what a nice script it was too. The difficult thing was to remember to turn the paper on it's side to read the next “page” rather than turning the paper over. Okay, I did that a lot. I was very happy with this swap and have since written two more crossed letters which will go in the post when I visit the post office this week. Now that postage is going up here, I may just have to adopt this method of writing to save on stamps....

If you are a fan of the Regency Era, a follower of Jane Austen or an avid letter writer and just want a challenge, why not have a go at writing a crossed letter? The swap was so popular, a new crossed letter swap has just been listed on Swap-Bot. I've joined, how about you? Psst, Patricia, now's your chance.

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