Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Thank You Very Much!

I'm sitting in front of the fire today, writing and keeping warm.  It's so cold outside
and it's hard to get anything done around the house when you can't feel your fingers,
so this is the best place to be just now.  I've been sick with a bad cold and now that
I'm feeling better, I want to get back into my writing and try to catch up a little. 

Besides writing, I'm awaiting the postman so I can tell him Thank you. Why?  Because
today is National Thank a Mailman Day.  No one seems to know where this unofficial
holiday originated, but who cares?  It's a day to say thank you to the person who brings you letters, postcards and packages filled with good cheer.  A lot of people take their postman/woman for granted, but not me. I usually tell him thank you at Christmas and give him a gift, but I'm sure everyone does that, at least I hope they do.  Today, I want to let him know I truly am thankful for the thoughtful way he delivers my mail.

Living rurally, a good deal of my conversation arrives via the post so I am ever so
grateful for the mail delivery service.  My mailman is a nice guy who takes care with
my mail and I appreciate that.  If something doesn't fit through the slot, he won't
just crease it and shove it home, he'll knock on the door and hand it to me.  When
packages arrive and I'm not home, he puts them in a safe spot and leaves me a note. 
That, to me, is dedication and I do appreciate it, more than he can know.  I hope that
the bright colourful mail I receive brightens his day too; something eye-catching in
amongst the junk mail and bills is hopefully a perk for him...I know it certainly is
for me. 

On a rural delivery route, the mail carrier has to drive up to the house, get out and
put the mail in the door slot, so it's a laborious thing delivering around here and
yet, he never drops his standard of exemplary service.

So on this day, Thank You Very Much Adrian!