Monday, 16 February 2015

                       Balance and Harmony

My husband and I share a common interest...The Post Office.  Though our hobbies go back to the same source, they are quite different.  I love letters and stamps and go to the post office happily to post my letters, while my husband is a telephone enthusiast.  Yes, I said telephone.

My husband's telephone exchange
In England, the telephone system was part of the post office for many years. Those lovely old exchanges that went clickety-clack as they connected calls became a thing of the past when fibre optics came along and proved more efficient. Most of the old exchanges were scrapped but there are those, like my husband, whose love of old telephony have kept some of them in tact and working still.

Even though our hobbies are different, there are times when they meet in a nice way.  For Christmas, my husband presented me with a genuine post office scale. I'd been struggling for a while with a digital scale that was so temperamental I put it out of it's misery and got a more traditional scale.  Getting everything ready for the post before hand to avoid standing in line for ages every week when I go to town is a bonus, but it was not to be.  I thought I was all set to weigh my letters with confidence , but the new scale didn't balance quite right and I ended up getting the postage wrong on some of my letters. Frustration ensued, and  I resigned myself to a long wait at the post office each week.
But, on Christmas morning I opened my husband's gift to me and was thrilled with this bit of postal history.  These days the post office employs digital scales for ease and convenience so my scale was retired.  Thank goodness someone saved it from the scrap heap!  It's old-fashioned, but who cares?  It works!  I like using the little brass disks to determine the weight of my letters.  There is something calming about using a manual scale. Even better, I'll never have to worry about the batteries running low and I can see at a glance if the scale is in balance.  I couldn't be more pleased with my new toy scale.


  1. I did wonder what your husband's "toy" looked like!

  2. That is only one of the trailers...there are two and a "telephone" room at the house! He wanted to get me a mobile post office at one point, and as much as I love that idea, there was no where to park it!