Friday, 16 January 2015

New Stamp Release!
“You're thinking about something, and it makes you forget to talk.”   (or in my case write!)
                                           --Lewis Carroll, from Alice in Wonderland.
Large image of the Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland Stamp Set

Life has been busy here so my blog has suffered.  I just had to stop for a moment and settle down to write...okay the vacuum broke and I couldn't clean anymore.  Cleaning and clearing has become my occupation these past few weeks. I don't know where all the "stuff" comes from but I amass mountains in very short periods of time.  Probably because I can "see" something in everything and hate to waste anything.  If I can upcycle it, I save it, but it just got a bit out of hand somewhere along the line.  I had to clear a space on my desk so I could actually sit down and write. 

I found my stamp calendar among the wreckage of my desk and realized I totally missed the ball on January 6th when the Royal Mail released these lovelies to commemorate the publishing of Lewis Caroll's book Alice in Wonderland 150 years ago this year.  Alice in Wonderland is one of my favourite themes and these stamps look so bright and happy.  I ordered way to many of them but I know I will use them all up. 

Since the onset of the reorganization of everything, I have found a few things I had forgotten about, cool stationery I got for pennies at the charity shop, labels a swapper sent me and gulp, letters.  I'm working on those now.  I've already taken one short stack of outgoing letters to the post office this week and am working on assembling the next passel of post for tomorrow when I go into town.  Hopefully I will get caught up and cleared out and will be set to write more on the blog. 


  1. Your letter arrived :)
    As for Alice, various news outlets mentioned her stamps on Tuesday 13th, a week after the actual issue date.

    1. Your letter arrived quick! Oh well, at least I wasn't alone in getting a late start mentioning the Alice stamps. I just got mine and they look better than the pictures on the Royal Mail website.

  2. Not to worry,we are all in the same boat...Row..Row....

    1. Hi Patricia, lovely to hear from you. I'm beginning to make headway now and that is a good feeling!