Monday, 17 November 2014

Postal Party!
In addition to my addiction love of writing letters, I am the family historian. I have been digging into my family's history since I was 14 when I first started interviewing my mother about our distant relatives. Initially, I wrote letters to various county clerks to get information and request birth and death certificates. It was a long drawn out affair, but writing letters didn't bother me, I enjoyed the process which allowed me to add to the family tree. It was exciting writing to places in Germany, Czechoslovakia, The Netherlands and several of the United States, and crossing my fingers I would get a response. Since then, the internet has opened up a new world of research, but I find that writing letters even though it takes a little longer, still yields the best information. I always include a sase to ensure a reply and I'm usually gifted with the information I requested plus a nice letter from the person who was kind enough to send my document. Even when my request can't be fulfilled, I still get a letter so it's never a total loss.

Recently, I was searching newspaper archives and found this:

The Reading Eagle, Friday, November 15, 1906, Page 5

Mrs. Ellen Yeager, 247 Jefferson Street, tendered her daughter, Minnie a birthday Postal party. The parlor and dining room were decorated with plants and chrysanthemums. she received a number of presents, among them a diamond ring and 200 postals. There were selections on the graphophone and a fine menu was served. Parlor games were enjoyed.

A Postal Party! Wow! What a great idea. I am assuming the "postals" were post cards so getting 200 of them must have made the party a huge success. I tried doing some poking around trying to find out about postal parties but sadly I couldn't find anything so I cannot enlighten you about what it entailed. I haven't given up though, I love a good mystery.

I love that my family has historically been connected with the post and I'm following tradition. If anyone out there has heard of or knows about postal parties, please get in touch!


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  3. Such interesting articles you have here! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks for stopping by Pam. It's really a thrill to meet up with people who share my passion for letter writing!

  4. That postal party sounds wonderful. I've discovered your blog today. I think I'll visit you often in the future :)

  5. Hi Eva, lovely to hear from you. I'm glad you are enjoying the things I write about.