Wednesday, 1 October 2014

National Stamp Collecting Month

Today marks the start of National Stamp Collecting month for all you philatelists out there. I've been a stamp admirer all my life thanks to my dad who always had the dining room table filled with stamps he was soaking off. I think it was only natural for me to get into the hobby as a result. I still have my first “grown up” stamp album and I still use it too. It's about 6 inches thick and I'll probably never fill it, but there is something very relaxing about sorting and affixing stamps to the pages. Of course, I have a few (quite a few!) other albums and stock books now and my collection grows day by day thanks to the friendly swappers over on Swap-Bot.   I'm not alone in my stamp hobby, the Queen has a stamp collection she inherited from her father, FDR made time every day to look at his stamps and even Hercule Poirot is a philatelist, so I am among distinguished friends.

I know stamp collecting is not everyone's cup of tea, but you can't help but admire this stamp from Belgium. It's a Weather Bureau stamp and is sensitive to warmth, sort of like a mood ring. At first glance, you see a scene with a tree, but once the stamp is exposed to the sun (or your hand if you're impatient like me) little sun and clouds appear. I really like this stamp, and it's not the first stamp Belgium has come out with that is innovative. Just a short time ago they had chocolate stamps. Belgium is known for its fine chocolates and their stamps are testament to that. I didn't manage to get the stamps as they were a limited edition and sold out quickly as you would expect when chocolate is involved, but the lovely Lien whom I did an ephemera swap with recently sent me the selvage from her set of stamps. It really does smell and taste like chocolate. I don't know how they managed that but it is truly a unique set of stamps.

Belgium is making the hobby of stamp collecting fun again with their unusual stamps. Chocolate, temperature sensitive and even glow in the dark stamps. C'mon, you know you want to collect them.


  1. I enjoy poring over stamps but lack the discipline to become a collector. I get the feeling that something is wrong if I archive my mail without the stamps. Silly me, but I imagine Erin or some stranger finding all the letters I've sealed away, and the stamps on the envelopes will be as interesting as the words inside. Who knows? They might inspire her, or someone she calls family, to become a collector.

    I like unique pencil sharpeners. I have one unique sharpener and lots of plain ones. :) See? I'm good at collecting one thing. Books. And I have too many of those! And fountain pens, but nothing like your collection. I admire you. And I thank you for a very special stamp. I saw it again last night. It's from a movie about a woman who seeks out and finds her birth mother. That stamp has a place in my current journal! I've meant to tell you about this before, but of course I forget. Until now. :) You have an uncanny habit of discovering (?) small things that mean a lot to me. I have something to tell you because you are the one person I know who might understand. I must type it because typing allows me to tell it faster. Do you recall me asking if you knew how one is able to see things that have not happened, then they happen on a future date? Well . . . I must make dinner now or get take out. *sigh*

    That weather stamp is simply awesome! Am happy for you.

  2. I don't cut the stamps off my pen pal letters for some reason. I just couldn't. I save them all in tact because I think it's all a part of the correspondence.

    J is a pencil sharpener enthusiast as well. Wherever he goes he always brings one home with him. The best one is a little engine that has cogs that go round when you turn the pencil.

    Do you journal every day? I'm not that disciplined, sadly. I write when the muse inspires me. I suppose we all write in our own stlye but I would like to be a more consistant journaler.

  3. bought an entire mans collection today,on/off paper,unused us stamps,a great project to go through.what are looking for? maybe I have it!

  4. Wow, what a great find! My collection has a gap from 1985 to 2000 when I was working way too much and didn't have time for life's small pleasures. I collect worldwide stamps, but like concentrating on US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Anthing would be most appreciated. What can I send you in exchange?