Wednesday, 17 September 2014


I love the idea of smash books. I have always done my scrapbooks in that style so the concept of having an everyday smash book really appeals to me. There are usually several collages in progress on my work table, whether I'm putting them together or collecting just the right elements for them, so I've got tons of ephemera. Too much probably but I dare not throw away any scrap because I just know I will be in dire need of it for some project or other.

Today, I wanted to share my postal smash book with you. I've always collected postal cartoons but until I began my book I never really had one place to keep them. They were always just stashed in with boxes or packages of stationery or tucked into the backs of tablets. Now my cartoons and all the other little postal tidbits I amass are all in one place. I found this journal in a bargain bin at one of the shops in town. It's perfect for my mail ephemera.

This page has a little blurb about Paloma Faith, one of my favourite singers. She says in the interview she has just gotten into letter writing and shows some of her letter writing sets. I thought that was really cool that she took the time to write letters having such a hectic life and I wrote and told her so. I was very surprised to get an autographed photo in the mail as a thank you for my letter.

I also write quotes about letters and writing in between my scraps. I collect those too. I'm a bit of a paper pack rat. Ah, but it's fun and even if it's addicting it isn't fattening and besides there are worse habits so I'm not worried.

I don't do one page at a time, the scraps go in randomly and I keep adding until a page is full.  There are so many things to include and so I just go with the flow and add the elements as they fit into the available spaces.  It's a very random process.

I'd like to add colour to my book but I don't paint and don't have a clue about where to start. I don't think the pages of this particular book would stand being painted as they are thin and just meant to be written on but later on I'd like dabble a little with paint and just take it up another level.

In any case, I like how the book is coming along and never thought I would have enough bits and pieces to actually fill a whole book, but I'm actually nearly ready to move onto the next book! I've got my eye on a book for volume 2 already...and a bigger book at that because some of the goodies I have are just a bit too large to add to the current book.

What's in your smash book?


  1. I love your postal smash book!! Great idea and your collection is lovely!

  2. Thank you Mrs. Murphy. Some of the cartoons I have are so old they are yellow and it's nice to finally have them all in one place along with other postal ephemera. It's been a fun project.

  3. So that's what they're called. Smash books. Hmm. My journals look a lot like smash books. Who knew? :) I like yours almost as much as I like my own.

  4. I've done my scrapbooks like that forever too. I love that a smash book is colourful and you have to stop and look at it not just glance through.