Friday, 5 September 2014

Getting Back to Business
Hello everyone. Now that the frenzy of getting my son ready for school is finished, hopefully I can get into a better posting schedule. The past few weeks have been bedlam here with getting uniforms, Phys Ed kit and classroom essentials ready for the big day. My son started at a new school this week so everything had to be changed over to the new school's name and logo which amounted to highway robbery. But, everything is purchased, labelled with name and form and ready for action so things here have slowed down. The house is so still and quiet, and I miss my son.

I've been writing letters and trying to get back to enjoying writing rather than stressing about being late in replying now that back to school mania has ended. I mailed a bunch of things when I went into town the other day. I used most of the envelopes I made a while ago so I'll have to get creative again. I sent out some swaps from Swap-Bot too. My son and I collect postage stamps so I've been swapping our extras. That gives us something to do on those rainy afternoons which have become more frequent now that Autumn is slowly creeping in. I can't complain though, as we have had such a nice summer with a lot of sunny carefree days.
Though I'm mostly doing stamp swaps on Swap-bot, I've tried a few other things as well. I made a Harry Potter postcard which I showed a few posts ago (and don't know how to link that up here yet!  :)  I've also just finished making a writing kit. I used one of the stationery folders I got at the charity shop and embellished and added a lot of writing goodies. 
  I made a small accordion address book from some address cards I had using washi tape to connect them and put a cover on it that I decorated with the same design as the writing folder.  It folds flat for easy storage.  The pretty little flowery bag has some scraps and stickers for embellishing letters and looks nice against the black writing paper.  Hopefully my swapping partner will like it as I tried to incorporate her favourite colours and themes.   I like the way it turned out and was inspired to transform an old stationery folder I had. The stationery got used and I had almost thrown the folder away but then I had a brainsotrm to upcycle it.  The second writing kit is very different and I think this one came out nicely too.

It has an entirely different feel to it.  I covered the folder with a wallpaper sample I got from one of the shops in town.  I found some matching cord in my fabric/ribbon stash and that complimented it nicely.  It was a little tricky gluing it on, and I had to do it in stages so that it fit properly.  I ended up not gluing to the spine of the folder so that when it was opened and closed it would give a little and that seems to have worked very well.  I poked holes in the folds and sewed a long bead onto the ribbons I inserted on each side so the folder could be tied shut.
Here is the inside view showing the goodies I included.  I had all these things on hand and only really bought the pen as it matched so well.  You can't see, but there is a gem on top of the pen that matches all the little gem accents I added.   I like that I have a portable kit I can take with me when I go somewhere and can write letters, notes and postcards.  The only thing I have yet to add are a few stamps and them I'm all set to go.  Have you ever made a writing kit?  It's fairly easy and can be used and refilled so you are always ready to write.  Give it a try some time.

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