Wednesday, 6 August 2014

 Bargain Hunting

Time has gotten away from me and I haven't been able to sit down and write. I blame it on the sun. When the sun is shining there are a thousand things to be done in the garden. Yesterday and today it's been a bit rainy so I'm at my desk once again.

I went shopping the other day. I like a good bargain. I can't pass a charity shop without having a mooch around. Some shops are organized and I know just where to look for the things that interest me, others have their stock just randomly relegated to shelves. I like the messy ones best. It's like searching for treasure. I know that sounds a bit off the wall but it's true. Lately I've had a run of luck with my rummaging. I've gotten some great stationery and postal ephemera and at such good prices. I usually buy all my writing paper and note cards from the charity shops, that way I can spend more money on stamps for my letters. I make a lot of my stationery too.

Here are a few of my goodies. A great stash of note cards and writing paper as well as airmail envelopes and even aero-grams which not many people use these days. I find them a bit fiddly to open, but these older ones have a more sturdy paper which will make it easier on the recipients and they are stamped so I can just write and post.

I got two
writing folders as well which are nice to take a long when I'm going somewhere so I can just keep everything together. The brown one is leather and believe it or not the pen still works and none of the paper has even been used. There is a gold pen with the silver folder. I think there must have been a silver pen but that was missing from the set. I've never written a letter on black paper so that will be fun to try out.

I have also gotten an assortment of things from the post office including complimentary change of address cards, postcards a pack of newspaper labels and this great file box that was given by the post office as a gratuity. It has cards for writing birthdays and other special days as well as month cards for a quick glance at all the events for a month and even handy little cards that give you advice on how to post things.
In all I think there is always something interesting to see at the charity shops and I come home with something I can use for just pennies. 

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