Friday, 20 June 2014

Happy Trails

I got snail mail today.  Was it a good mail day?  I'm not sure.  The "mail" was left by a snail that got into my dining room somehow.  I was greeted this morning to silvery trails in an intricate pattern on my carpet, but no sign of it's author.  Having crawled all over the floor looking in every conceivable space that may harbor the creator of the silver graffiti, I have concluded he has left the building. When you're renovating your home there are a multitude of places for snails to stealthly enter or exit.  I just feel confounded that I can't find the little critter!  We think snails go slow, but judging from his path, it looks like he made quite a tour of the carpet underneath my dining table last night. At first I thought perhaps he hitched a ride in on the cat, though somehow, I can't see the cat tolerating that.  The worrying thing is that this is not the first incident.  In fact, it has been going on for a couple of weeks now.  I can't imagine what he is feeding on to stay to hale and hardy.  There is only one plant in the room and it's a cactus so I don't think he's having his dinner there.  I'm so curious how he sneaks in and out. Despite the fact that he leaves a map of his travels, I still am at a loss as to how he entered or left.  It will just have to remain one of those great unsolved mysteries of all time.

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