Friday, 25 May 2018

Everyone's a Winner!

This week has flown by.  I've been busy getting my things together for my tea party and having far too much fun doing it.  I've had the teacups for a while now but had to get some vintage napkins and all sorts of other bits and bobs.  I like using vintage things and parcelling items up nicely to make the package look inviting so I have been working happily this week.  But, now the time has come to choose my winners.   I was intending to have four at my tea party, inviting two pen pals and two readers of my blog but since there were three comments it seemed a shame to pick just two of the three so I'm inviting all three of the people who commented to my tea party.  Thank you for your kind comments and congratulations on winning.  Here's to four more years of friendship and postal goodness.

Friday, 18 May 2018

An Anniversary and a Wedding

Happy Friday everyone. Today is my four year blogoversary. Yep, four years ago today I finally got my nerve up and decided to start this blog. I'm so glad I did. I haven't had too many posts lately due to internet problems but thankfully today I can post and even add a photo. Thank you to those of you who read my blog and those who comment too, it's always nice to get feedback.

I thought in light of my anniversary and also to mark the Royal Wedding tomorrow I would have another of my postal tea parties. I'd love to make it a special tea party by inviting two of my readers as well as two of my pen pals. All you have to do if you want to be a guest is leave a comment. I'll leave the comment section open for a week before the  two winners are chosen to give everyone a fair chance. Good luck to all.

Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Write On Challenge 2018

Hello everyone.  I have been trying to post this for two days now but the internet around here had other ideas.  The photo I took just won't upload before the internet peters out so I'm going to forgo it.  If I can add it later I will.  Very frustrating!  

Anyway, the Write On Challenge has begun and I am ready for it.  I set up shop at the end of the dining room table so I can write and still be close to the fire.  It's still a bit too chilly to sit at my writing table so I thought I would just get comfortable downstairs for the time being.  I've got a stack of letters to answer, thank you notes to write and even query letters to museums and colleges to do with the restoration of our house to compose, so I have plenty of motivation.  I am being sensible, however, since the cold and damp make too much writing physically impossible at any one time.  Having everything I need close at hand and near the hearth is proving a very positive action and I've written something each day so far and hope to continue with the challenge. 

I had hoped to create some stationery to mark the event but fell into the grips of yet another cold.  I do have some stationery to use from my stash but I just thought it would be fun to make something, or even embellish something for the challenge.  I suppose there is still time to dabble but, writing, first and foremost just now.

I hope those of you joining in with the Write On challenge are having fun with it.  And for those of you interested in stats, so far I have written 2 letters, a postcard and a thank you.  Not too shabby.  I usually participate in Lettermo to get my letter writing back on track after the holidays but with the flu that didn't happen so I'm doing that now and liking the connectivity with pen and paper on a daily basis again.

Thursday, 8 March 2018

Message in a Bottle

Who among us can resist the allure of any story about a message in a bottle? There's just something mysterious and exciting about the prospect of finding such a note. I’ve always enjoyed reading the success stories of people being contacted when their message is found, sometimes years after they set their missive adrift.

In today's news yet another tale of finding a message in a bottle was reported. You can read about it here  This time the message in a bottle was found in Australia, when a woman and her husband were walking along the beach. Seeing rubbish that had washed up with the surf, the woman decided to tidy up and take the rubbish home to dispose of. The very first thing she picked up was a brown bottle and inside it was a rolled piece of paper tied with a string. The message was not an actual letter but information from a German ship studying ocean currents. The amazing thing was that it was dropped in the ocean 132 years ago.

No matter who releases a message out into the world, there is always an element of hope that goes along with it. That someone, preferably in a far away land, will find it and respond. It's just the same when a letter writer pens that first letter to a prospective new pal hoping to get a reply. My son received the above kit from a very dear friend. We sent it on its way several years ago and every time a story about someone finding a message in a bottle is in the news we start to speculate about our bottle; wondering where it is and if someone will find it soon.

The concept of sending a message in a bottle is not a new one, and although it usually conjures images of desert islands and last ditch attempts of being rescued, messages in bottles have been utilized in other ways besides the classic romanticized notion. Using bottles in the sea as a method of communication or study was something the ancient Greeks practised, Benjamin Franklin studied ocean currents in this fashion and Elizabeth I appointed someone to the post of “official Message reader” upon being presented with the news that a mere fisherman had read a secret dispatch that was found in a bottle floating in the Thames.

Another more whimsical story is about a wistfully tossed note from Ake, a Swedish sailor, who asked for any pretty girl to respond. A Sicilian fisherman, picked it up and passed it on to his daughter thinking it a joke. Amused, his daughter, Paolina, sent a letter to the sailor. A correspondence ensued; Ake visited Sicily, and shortly after he and Paolina were married.

There are quite a few other tales of people happily writing for years as a result of finding a letter sent by “sea mail.” News items emerge regularly of individuals finding sea-bound missives from strangers reaching out their hand in friendship. Of course not everyone is touched or even amused as Paolina’s father was. Some people think it is just refuse and would just as soon the romantics found another venue for their whims. I read of one such encounter in the newspaper where a man here in England picked up a floating bottle, promptly wrote to the author in America telling him his litter was not appreciated.  I hope he doesn't find our bottle!

A message in a bottle is never an ordinary thing. It has the power to amplify one voice for many to hear. It seems to have found many forms over the centuries but the sentiment still remains the same and that seems to be for love and friendship. Not unlike a lot of us who use the post for the same reasons. 

Sunday, 11 February 2018

Getting Back To Business

It's been a while, too long in fact. Living in a small village has its perks but good internet isn't one of them. A massive roll out of fibre was put in on the main road at the end of our lane, but they didn't connect any of the six houses in our post code to that fibre. Now all power goes to those on the new fibre and we get the residual power which isn't always very much. At times I can read my mail, sometimes I can answer other times the internet just fades away while I'm trying to do something. It is very frustrating as the internet is my life line to family and friends as well as fuels my research and connects me to my blog. I have found that if I get up very early, I can type and send before the internet gets busy so whenever I find I can't sleep I bundle up against the cold and come to the computer.

For the past month I have been battling the flu and I'm finally able to do some work again, though I still get tired and have to rest. I'm glad I'm feeling more energetic every day but a bit sad I have missed out on some of my annual mailings. Next week we have Pancake Day (Shrove Tuesday/ Fat Tuesday), Wednesday is Valentine's Day and Friday Chinese New Year. I try to send things out for these days but being ill has made that impossible this year. I have folders for each day with clippings, patterned paper and embellishments but I'll have to save them for next year. Ideally, I should start making them now to send out for next year, but I'm definitely not that organized.

I hope those of you participating in InCoWrMo and LetterMo are having fun. I didn't think I could cope with either this year so I'll take a break from them and join in next year.

We are still in the beginning of February so I am focusing on my Black History Month postcards. I still have time to work on them without rushing so I'll put my energy there and enjoy the process rather than fussing and rushing trying to send out cards for all the holidays. The good thing about holidays is they come every year so I'll catch up with them then.

For now I'll sign off and get back to work on my postcards and hope you are all enjoying your February, wherever you may be.

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Travelling Mail Art Kit

Because my ideas follow me everywhere, I have a handy little mail art kit that goes with me too. This way, when the opportunity presents itself I can capture my thoughts and turn them into happy mail to send my pals. You never really know when you will have the time to indulge in a little creativity so having my pouch with me makes it easy.

When you think about it, you really just need some essentials. You can always use things you pick up wherever you are but you need to have a few basics to get you started. What's in my kit? I'm not one of those women who carries a big purse, in fact, I prefer not to carry one at all most of the time, but must needs and I compromise with a smallish bag and so my travelling mail art kit must be compact. Basically, I have something to write with x2 in case one doesn't write, which in my case happens often, so it's better to be safe than sorry. Waterproof pens are a good idea to avoid rainy delivery days from smearing the address on my cards and letters. Also in my bag are scissors, glue, labels, washi and that sort of thing and I find these make a good base for creating on the go. Lately I've added a compact little address booklet to help me remember addresses, or sometimes I pre-print labels with addresses to optimize time. The most important thing I carry is postage. When I'm in town, there is a post office, but when that isn't an option, there is always a postbox to drop your mail into.

I tend to pick up ephemera wherever I am and that adds to my "artiness." Postcards in shops I peruse become bases for my brainstorms and I have been known to write letters on napkins.

I also carry a shiny little monogrammed notebook (a gift from a very dear friend) for jotting down bigger ideas to be explored later. I get inspired by the oddest things---shop window displays, something a passing stranger may say or maybe just a handful of colourful leaves glistening in the rain. Everything sends my mind on a tangent so having a notebook can capture an idea and save it for me.

So, here's a look at my kit, see, it's very small and the spareness encourages spontaneity in my efforts, which I like. (Yes, it all fits in that little pouch!)

And for those of you wondering about the scissors and the address book, the scissors are folded inside the head of the crocodile.  The address book is a clever little thing made of two business card sized magnets with an accordion folded address sheet.

My writing kit has become especially important to me over the last few months since my accident. Oftentimes, when I go into town, I need to stop for a cup of tea and a rest and with my writing supplies in my bag I am never without conversation. Since my fall, my bag has transformed from a small zip pouch to one that is a bit larger to accommodate note cards and a small writing pad as well as my small pouch with all  the accouterments for creating mail art. There is a nice little tea shop in town where I often sit by a window watching the world go by, writing notes to my friends while I have a few moments at my disposal.

Here is a my new larger ensemble:

When the muse strikes you have to be prepared.  It so easy to find a little bag and keep a few things in for when you want to make some mail art.  Don't get caught out without your supplies.  

Sunday, 6 August 2017

Stamp People

Our broadband has been practically non-existent for the past few weeks so I haven't been able to post very much.  So, what have I been doing in the meantime?  I've been working on stamp people among other things.  Stamp people, stamp heads or postage stamp people have captured my attention for a while now. I first saw them on Pamela's blog and have wanted to try making some but could never get started. I'd get out my stamps and choose some head shots of potential stamp people and and pictures cut from magazines, but never seemed able to make it work. It always turned out a bit peculiar to me and I would put it aside. Then, a short time ago I began seeing them again, my interest was piqued and I began thinking about trying to make some stamp people again. Ambition is a good thing when you really want to make something, but you oftentimes need a little more than just ambition which I found out when yet again, I came up with nothing. I felt very defeated by it. I'm not an artist, I can draw a little but I was getting so frustrated with my efforts or what I perceived as my lack of thereof.

I did a search on line for stamp people for inspiration and found several places with enthusiastic examples. Limner showed a great stamp person by her pal Debbie Link so I went looking, found her blog, and was enchanted by her post "Stamp people (the siblings)"  After that I did a google search looking for more inspiration. I saw examples which once more made me enthused about making stamp people. When found Jacki Long's stamp people, that lit the spark and I tried once again. 

Armed with all the encouragement from the stamp people artists I found on line, I set my mind to making some stamp people of my own. I met with the same difficulties, but not one to quit I persevered and found myself creating a different kind of “stamp people” I guess, in the end, my own style was what was lacking and once I began doing what flowed easily and not just trying to emulate those whose art I admired I finally got results.

I went back through my stamps and began choosing alternative images and then ideas started coming in and I made three pieces of stamp art rather quickly. I was pleased with my creations (but not my lettering, which took me back to my high school art teacher wincing when looking at something I decided  to letter...) and now have my own groove going on admittedly with some help with electronic lettering. I guess for me it wasn't so much about people as images. I'm happy with my version of stamp people and at the same time admire all the creations others have made.